Friday, July 25, 2014

Videos and Movie Maker on class

We all like to watch movies, a video clips or a good video. So, why do not use them as a teaching tool? Videos are a great tool for both teachers and students. Some of the benefits of using videos as an educational tool are:

- It allows to prepare a lesson in advance, and you can share that lesson with many groups and students. 

- You can be as creative as you wish, since you can record yourself explaining a lesson, or you can use different images to develop the topic. 
- Usually videos are short, so students can quickly be introduced to a topic that could be develop on class. 
- Are entertained and fun.

For my ICT course, I created a proposal for my students using Movie Maker. It is a video about advertising and marketing vocabulary, and I explained each term using images that reflect the concept. Here is my video, I hope you like it! 

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