Friday, July 25, 2014

My Wiki Project about Marketing and Advertising Vocabulary.

For my ICT Course at Universidad Central de Venezuela, I created a Wiki project about basic vocabulary for advertising and marketing.  I was interesting in developing a tool about that specific vocabulary because my students are university students of Media, taking Advertising as their major. Even thought when the main focus of the course is grammar, I would like to integrate vocabulary related to the students major that could complement other courses, this is why I focus on Advertising and Marketing vocabulary, considering that would be helpful for their studies and future jobs.

According to Patrick Ledesman (2010), “Wikis are a powerful instructional tool for students to develop and practice vocabulary”. They way he uses Wikis for this purpose was: 

Assign each student a word or group of words to research. After they have completed their research, they create a page for each word in the class wiki. When students are finished, the class will have their own wiki showing their classroom vocabulary.

     Taking that model as an example, I planed to assign each student a weekly research about Advertising and Marketing Vocabulary, where they have to post concepts and images related to new terms. According to Ledesma, some of the benefits of using Wikis for acquired vocabulary are:

  • Students explain terms in their own words.
  • Students create no-linguistic representation, such as adding images.
  • Students can do periodically activities that help to acquire new vocabulary terms. 
  • Students can discuss the terms with one another.

  • Fill the page “About us”, writing a little about themselves, for example: name, interests, speciation and goals regarding the course.
  • Do weekly activities, filling the vocabulary list with terms about advertising and vocabulary.
  • Add images related to each concept.

            Regarding the use of the Wiki, my students should:

They should add concepts during four weeks, and in week five they will do an oral presentation selling a product to their classmates, using the vocabulary of the list. 

I think the use of the Wiki will help my students to acquire and use vocabulary related to their major, as well as will help me, as a teacher, to have an web tool that allows interaction between students.


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