Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Pros and some cons about ICT in education

What is ICT?

ICT Is the acronym for Information and Communication Technology, according to the webpage TechTerms.com, it “refers to technologies that provide access to information through telecommunications (…). (It) focuses primarily on communication technologies. This includes the Internet, wireless networks, cell phones, and other communication mediums.”

People from all over the world use modern communicational technologies daily since all types of works and any professional field can take advantage of it. Education is also changing faster because of the new technology influence

In order to understand the impact that ICTs has had in the learning process, is important to know the following basic concepts of ICT used in education

E learning: refers to the use of electronic, information and communication technologies in education. Technology enriches the learning environment providing information and resources to find, understand and create knowledge.
E learning implies a broad spectrum, from using a C.D-rom for a listening comprehension exercise to a complete online course; from an audio recording to webinars. The main characteristic is the use of technology in the learning process.

Regarding the use of technology on English Learning Teaching (ESL), I have experienced:
  • Listening comprehension exercises using a CD.
  • Using of intelligent boards.
  • Interactive grammar exercises on the Web.
  • Creating Sites about English and sharing information through it.
  • Using Power Point Presentations on the classroom
  • Using email as a communication tool with my students.

Distance Education: it refers to educational process through distances, started in the 19th century with correspondence courses by mail.
It requires huge amount of compromise and motivation from students and teachers. It can be done using digital technology or not, or mixing new technology with traditional educational ways, e.g. online sessions in adition to face to face classes.
 Nowadays, the distance learning supply and demand has been increasing, but is important to consider that not all offers are legitimate,  frauds are frequent, especially in superior education.

Online or virtual educationrepresents a whole new challenge for the face to face traditional class paradigm. Virtual education allows taking courses, semester and even entire careers without actually going to a physical setting. Nowadays, first world universities are facing the challenge of mixing traditional classes with virtual education. From this necessity, appeared  Blended courses as an excellent alternative that allows maintaining personal human contact, the guidance of teachers, colleages and friends, plus benefits represented by the fast changing digital technology.  

This is my first experience in a Blended course, taking an ICT course from my Master program. It has been challenging, because I used to be digital illiterate. However, I perceive that, actually, I’m learning much faster than I had thought. Is rewarding being aware of  how fast I can improve by using technology.

On the other hand, Mobile learning is based primarily is sharing and creating information using any type of mobile device (e.g. cell phones, smart phones, iphone, etc.). New generations, and specially teenagers, are using mobile learning daily: it could be by sharing a video about a class, or receiving an email on their smart phones about homework.

Definitely, education is changing faster than ever thanks to technology, and it does bring great advantage and convenience. However, we should think about the consequences for our mental and physical health. Even though I appreciate the benefits of technology, I'm afraid we might be overusing these recourses. As a consequence, we are putting behind real human contact. I’m concern about the amount of time that we are spending in front of computers or any other type of digital device. From my personal experience, when I’m working (or “distracting”) in front of my computer, I completely lose the awareness of time, and I can spend an entire night working, just to realize at one moment that the sun has risen, it is 6:00 am, and I haven't had any rest.

Technology has invaded our life too much!!! Of course, it is an excellent source of information and education, but on the other hand we must learn how to use it in a healthy and proper way. 


  1. A very relevant article, Patricia. I have always held the idea that there should be a balance in all of your daily routines. The excessive use of digital technology will reduce communication among people. It's up to us to train ourselves and to our children over an adequate use of the Web and smart phones and other digital devices. There is not a better way to address to someone except for looking at his or her eyes when talking about something.

    1. Totally agree Ricardo! Thanks you very much for visiting my Blog and for your feedback! You are welcome any time =)

  2. I really like this post Patricia. As you say, it's very important for us to be able to use these new technologies and take the best out of them and, as you say, there must be a balance because there are aspects such as mental and physical health to consider in order to use technology wisely. Now, we have to admit that technology is up to "invade" in our lives more and more and it'll probably be unstoppable, it's something we have to deal with, accept and embrace. On the other hand, when it comes to communication's quality, it is true that face-to-face communication has been reduced, but other ways of communication have also emerged due to social networks and stuff, so whether communication is now 'reduced' that's something very debatible and interesting for further and deeper discussion and research. To sum up, great post! :D

    1. Thanks you very much Diana, I really appreciate your feedback, It is very important for me! =)

  3. Wonderful Patricia. I do agree with you that education is changing faster than ever due to technology, and I also second what you infer about the invasion of this technology in our lives. I do think there must be some kind of balance because the overuse of these gadgets could have some negative consequences. Congratulations!

    1. Thanks you very much Terry for visiting my Blog and all your support! =)